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Discussion (2 comments)

By Anonymous 3 Years Ago

For the audio version of Nursery Rhymes, I would agree with you. We've been heatisnt to recommend starting kids too early with DVDs. I've softened my position a little. My oldest daughter was reluctant to let my grandson watch any videos before he was 24 months, and I tended to agree. But, she changed her mind when he was 18 months. I was pleased that of the 20+ videos they owned, his very favorite was Rock N Learn Dance With the Animals. This was the ONLY one he would watch all the way through. And it got him out of his seat moving with the child actors. Now at age two, he likes Nursery Rhymes; Alphabet Circus; Colors, Shapes & Counting; and even Sight Words. He may not be learning to read the sight words, but he loves the songs and animation. Sight Words seems really good for the language development of young children. He could care less that it's his granddad's company; he genuinely loves our videos. Thanks for your interest in Rock N Learn!

By Anonymous 11 Years Ago

its my birthday

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