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Discussion (5 comments)

By Anonymous 7 Years Ago

dear sir what i think about srinisha you thing you forgot to tell about her that is when she is eliminated how bravely she faced and sahe sang thaat alaika song.that is the spirit i loved even we grown ups will show our feelings in face but thatangel didn't hats off to the way theirparents braught up her thank you i loved all your presentationsbye

By mbfuzzbutts 12 Years Ago

Aww!! The cute things they do..we sure do miss their quirky habits and no other pet can replace that one pet!! I am so sorry for your loss!!! Blackfoot the guy here had 2 adrenal surgeries. He lived about 3 years after being diagnosed. He never did grow his hair back. He ended up getting prostate problems which he was medicated for...but the disease eventually won over his determination to beat it.

By nesabugg07 12 Years Ago

Thank you and your welcome. i lost one of my fuzzy babies four mounts ago and he lost his hair also it was caused by enlarged adrenal glands. I miss him hiding my flip-flops.

By mbfuzzbutts 12 Years Ago

Thank you! He left for the Bridge 9/14/05. He was a sweetie! I miss him alot!

By Anonymous 12 Years Ago

beautiful baby!

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