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Mya Merry Christmas

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Discussion (3 comments)

By Anonymous 3 Years Ago

1. Congress is mostly iraerevlnt on foreign policy. They will make gestures that have no meaning, but the actual policy will come out of the White House.2. I don't know that it's the majority. But let's hope that it is.3. Yes it is.

By Anonymous 4 Years Ago

The main reason to safe in the xcf fmorat in The Gimp is to preserve the layers. If you have not used layers yet, do check it out!! Once you get used to them, you can not live without them.For the drawings of the figurines, you could use the same body, but have different clothes on different layers. Switching the layers' visibility on and off can give here different clothes without having to start from scratch time and time again.Go give her a whole wardrobe! Bert

By Anonymous 12 Years Ago


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