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Clint thanks

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Discussion (4 comments)

By Anonymous 4 Years Ago

I totally agree about the wife doing her due diceginle. The worst thing in the world is to make quick strides then have regrets because you didn't know the whole situation. Also, I think its important to set? up a meeting at a neutral location when both parties can discuss this calmly. The wife has to be ready to LISTEN and the husband needs to be ready to talk. I hate when you ask the whys, whens, and hows and the guy has no explanation, acting like he's stumped by his own actions.

By Anonymous 12 Years Ago

Hey, Just have a minute. Seems like a million years since this morning's conversation. So I just fell into you. I never saw it coming. Me

By Anonymous 12 Years Ago

Have a great weekend.....punk...

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By Anonymous

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