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Hillary sucks

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Discussion (2 comments)

By Anonymous 3 Years Ago

Lot of smarts in that potigns!

By Anonymous 4 Years Ago

Hi Hillary,This past year has been long process of fiidnng a diagnosis. I had been numb in some parts of my body and in pain in others. After about six months, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, but the symptoms didn't subside after the treatment. Then it was Chronic Fatigue, and finally last week I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which I believe is the correct diagnosis.I have learned that saying no to some things in my life, is saying yes to me healing. I had to take a leave from my day job and also put my yoga classes which I teach on hold. Giving up my classes was very difficult, but in time I should be back and teaching. This time has shown me how much my day job contributed to my poor health. I am due to return to work in a month, and though I fear going back, I trust the universe will make this work out and find something for me to say no to.Thanks for this video and your other blogs.xoxo,n

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