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Semper Fi Doug

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Discussion (8 comments)

By Anonymous 4 Years Ago

I think this is implict in seaervl of your points, but it has been something I've stumble on in the past.Make sure you have explicit agreement on the team about what the ground rules are for:- who makes what commitments (if any)- whether and how we call a time-out to huddle- whose lead are we following- where to act on the unity versus diversity continuumThese I think would be things to cover in a team walkthrough or rehearsal.In one project in particular, the team leader wanted our team members to act like we were all one big team and then was distressed when some of the team members expressed divergent opinions.Congratulations on the first blog post. Good stuff. And good luck with the toddlers.

By Anonymous 12 Years Ago

Thinkin of you again ... Be safe always.......

By CycleCyndy 12 Years Ago

Doug is a Nam Vet. He has had his third operation on his elbow and shoulder from a service related injury in 1975. Please pray. Thats a long time to be suffering.

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