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By Anonymous 5 Years Ago

Well incase you don't get it yet we live in a Corporatocracy not a free derccmaoy as you are led to believe. It just dawned on me last nite, Mitt Romney is the best thing for Obama and the democrats as Mitt is the worse of two evils. It is up to we the people to keep protesting right to Washington beforethe election and now! Stop all secret societies punished by law now and forever! Outlaw muli trillionairs and put a moratoriam on billionairs pay down our debts and equalize the wealth of the world. Punish the lies and deciete of the media so the truth alway prevails, that goes for everybody. Ok what can we do next to take our rights and freedoms back we are all ready and i see the media is still keeping they're feet on out heads in an ocean of deciept, I say to you NO MORE! not Ron Paul for president just President Paul! Choose your party name and lets get on with the revolution!Highly rated. What do you think? 11 0

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By Anonymous

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