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a message to dee

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Discussion (2 comments)

By Anonymous 4 Years Ago

your portrayal of a mnatel institutionis more that of a cartoon world thanreality.."they've been scratching their arms opento get the bugs out.""looking around like he's expectingsomething to eat him.""pulling his hair out and eating it.""a woman with foul breath asks me if Ibleed green"i liked the scene with the "gatekeeper"it gave me a nice, clear image of her.this was really good: Oh, you know. Poor little surgeon'sdaughter couldn't handle the pressureof being a genius. Started getting hiton too young by the wrong men.Deep-seated daddy issues. Searching forcontrol in chaos. i feel i know her.perhaps i do.even her retort: Yep. Perfect Becky Dillon's shadow.Quiet, smart, tennis ace Becky'sshadow. i also liked the dripdrop, sprinklerscene, but felt it could have usedmore embellishment.all in all i like it, but felt it neededa more realistic backdrop and would liketo have seen it gone into further depthof detail.good job!and again, congrats!!

By Anonymous 12 Years Ago

LOL I absolutely love this card. For the simple fact that my name is also Dee!!!!! Very good job on the card!

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