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Lord God

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Discussion (7 comments)

By Anonymous 3 Years Ago

OK, this post is exactly why I had to banish myself from pinterest! TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF! I adore those boots as we3nRl0;ald the red coat! Gorgeous. I am literally buying a dish drainer for my tupperware lids TODAY. No joke. So brilliant!

By Anonymous 4 Years Ago

Preza, elpizw na psirtiraaes oti ta arxeia einai .tiff kai einai poliselida, kai na min eides mono tin 1 selida. Den einai mia selida kathe arxeio.Dokimase kanena programma opws to irfanview.

By Anonymous 7 Years Ago

I just finished wanhcitg the debate on Prime Time. I am normally a peaceful citizen but I have an enormous desire to rip Michael McDowells smug little face off and post it to somebody in a country with a sunnier climate than ours, so that they can stick it to the inside of their car window with suction cups to keep the sun of their kid's face. I really, really, really hate him. Jayzus I feel better now having vented. Does anyone else think he looks like a cross between between Penfold from the Dangermouse cartoon of years gone by and Ian Hislop from Have-I-Got-News-For-You?

By Anonymous 9 Years Ago

Gloria sea al Seņor que nos amo con un amor de Cruz. Se sacrifico hasta el final para salvar a todos del pecado.

By DJPIDRU 11 Years Ago

great comments, i will tell all my friends about site.

By Anonymous 12 Years Ago


By Anonymous 12 Years Ago

I really like you make good comments

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