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baby shower

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Discussion (7 comments)

By Anonymous 3 Years Ago

thanks Jolyn and the church we go to is the one with the green tin roof off wowodrnoed we really like it there and all the kids love it Crista would go to kids rock (a kids church) with Cheyenne and kyle and then Maddi and Alexia would go to class rooms cody and kk both love it kk did not at first but she runs in now!! the times are 11 am on Sundays but since you have 3 kids i would be there at 1030 so you can get the paperwork filled out for them to go to there classes and then find there rooms we get there about 1045 so we have enough time to get the kids in there rooms and get a good seat on the end so i can leave if i have to with Caleb so who's the friend that wants to go with you?

By Anonymous 8 Years Ago

This is exactly what I was liookng for. Thanks for writing!

By Anonymous 8 Years Ago

Ppl like you get all the brains. I just get to say thanks for he awnser.

By Anonymous 8 Years Ago

Kudos! What a neat way of tihnking about it.

By Anonymous 10 Years Ago

Amber would like for you to come celebrate the life of her new baby girl kaylee-ann. Its held at San Carlos Park At 2:00p.m On feb. 28th Come help us welcome kaylee-Ann

By Anonymous 11 Years Ago

Its a girl!

By Anonymous 11 Years Ago

Your Invited to Megan Ann Stracener's SURPRISE Baby Shower!!! On April 6th at 2 p.m. at Michelle Digges' apartment. 10509 Running Cedar Lane Apartment 304 R.S.V.P 540-848-4535!

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