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Feel Better Soon

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Discussion (2 comments)

By Anonymous 4 Years Ago

Cheyenne Elswick May 4, 2012 I do not know Sierra though, I wish I did. I live in Ohio and I check eevyrday to see if she is home! I am so sorry for you and your family. I am 12 years old and I cry reading everything about her on the internet! All I feel at this point in my life is anger and hurt. I hope who every did this KNOWS that they will be caught and Sierra will be brought home and the (name I dont want to say) will be caught in front of Sierra and she will yell and scream this to the bad person "you son of a B**** you knew you were gonna get caught and now it has rose apon us!!! HA! Don't do this agian." Reading Sierras twitter posts she is so kind and she is somebody I wish I knew she is so pretty. I hope to be like her when I am 15!! I love all of you! She is so pretty, kind, sweet. Let god become before her and let her loose! Lets pray-Dear Hevanly Father,please allow sierra to be safe and let her come home to her family God you are the goather that can let her loose let Sierra's mom. dad, and Danille find her somewhere, God let these wishes come true. You are our Father Lord please allow our wishes be true of her being safe and alive lord. If she is gone let us know somehow, everyone even those who do not know her are in agnie for her, I am 12 dont know her and am crying as I am typing her in Ohio, lord please please please let her be safe and let her be found.In Lords name,Amen

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By Anonymous

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