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Sierras Baby Shower

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Discussion (2 comments)

By Anonymous 7 Years Ago

I agree with the scrap book idea and portrait sutdio. I take my children to get their photos done CONSTANTLY!!!But also because you say they practically have nothing for this child I would maybe get them one thing unique and then go with the basics that meet the child's needs more.Usually if I am going to a baby shower of a friend I buy them diapers usually a size two because everyone thinks of newborn but not what you will need in a month or two. One outfit that is a 3-6 months and one outfit that is 6-9 months. I also usually get one summer and one winter outfit this time of year the larger one being the winter outfit. Hitting sales I can get all that for $ 20 or a little more. I will also throw in a small toy or rattle etc.For family I of course will usually spend more and will get the two outfits and diapers. But also will get a pack of receiving blankets. Or a kit with all the little shampoos, lotions, oils etc. A baby massage kit. Blankets. Crib sheets. Etc All those things are must haves.Plus bottles whether she is nursing or not. Pacifiers.There is so much!Good luck with your shopping

By Anonymous 8 Years Ago

In awe of that answer! Relaly cool!

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By Anonymous

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