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Red Rose

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Discussion (4 comments)

By Anonymous 9 Years Ago


By Anonymous 10 Years Ago

Even though I didnt end up together, Like I had hoped. My love is still here for u. I said I was an Angel. What do they do, They hang around to protect and to help. Thats what Ima do for u. So Alwayz remember, I am alwayz here for u!! If u find your self in the dark, for whateva reason. just rememba I have the light on for you. If your eva in trouble, I have an army of a million man crew. Who eva u choose, Make sure they have the right love for u. Make sure they dont hurt u. Love D.Angel (Dark Angel)

By Anonymous 10 Years Ago

just a little thought to brighten your day.

By grannygoogle 11 Years Ago


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