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Happy 6 Months I Love You

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Discussion (9 comments)

By Anonymous 6 Years Ago

I'm not on the sidelines, I didn't write to crisciite or lecture but to try and raise awareness about how awful a merger will be for our population. We are going into a merger without knowing all the details of the proposals (we are not allowed to see them in their entirety) but what we do know will affect many who work there and all of Trafford residents. Whoever we merge with, it will be a takeover not a merge and it will be the end of all acute services which is something I don't want to happen. Simon my hands are somewhat tied and the merger is steam rolling ahead with no pause for thought. We need an outcry from the residents of Trafford, we need them to say they don't want to travel for operations or when they suddenly become unwell. The comment to Jo was more of a warning at what she is being told compared to what is really going on, sorry if it offended

By Anonymous 11 Years Ago

I am in the same boat as you and i think the best thing is a card and something little.. Thats just a little inside things between you to

By Anonymous 12 Years Ago

what should i do for a 6months anni?

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By Anonymous

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