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Our american soldiers

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By Anonymous 7 Years Ago

now the Internet, television, nerpeaspws . wantonly sun gun , sun guns is used, LMPN physical theories of military thinking, the world and the nation of guns and the army said: people's army people's guns should be used to protect the people and interests of public safety, used to protect a good social system and to help reform a bad social system tools. Rather than using it to protect the very small number of people and their interests, let them endanger the safety and interests of the masses, that is, take it to maintain a corrupt dictatorship? Take it even killing people. So made more special to say: In addition to weapons and modernization of the armed forces, the most important head of the army and the military, but should be modern and scientific? Order for social, ideological, cultural, moral, science to progress, the State was able to develop, people will be strong, the world will be peace! Is this the beginning of the 21st century it is not a military strategy of human physicists often say: the universe constituted by the things, the state formed by the people, not by some ignorant or deliberately. With a virtual dictatorship to imagine the universe to build a mystery, to build an empty country. And these people thought, consciousness, ethics, behavior, out of all things, from the people. And always try to use guns with army of these two tools and means to establish dictatorship, so that the people's material wealth, money, benefits, basic rights, high levels of deprivation, concentration and control to a very small number hands, as long as people are not satisfied, use these tools to suppress and kill the people, not only the violation of human morality, it also goes against LMNP theory of everything, power, money, material and interests, should be conducted with the co-normal points , the theory of liberal democracy and law. Instead of guns and army of these two tools to implement and vigorously on a central dictatorship. Many areas of the world is full of mystery and darkness . Natural conflict, suffering, conflict and war in the world and can not be avoided, so that the world can not be peace . Are these actions not to be material interests? What mysterious military theory and strategic thinking, materials and objects can be separated from the theory? Run to the moral? It is necessary to use the material theory of guns , army of these two tools, instructions and definitions of morality? All again in a test of our individual morality, conscience and wisdom? .??“??”“??……”“??”?????????????????????????????????????????????????????“??”?“??”??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????LMNP?????????????????????????????????????????????“??”?“??”????????????????????????????????????……????????????????????????????????……???????????????????????????????????,???????????????????????????????“??”?“??”????????????????????????????????????????

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