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Discussion (2 comments)

By Anonymous 5 Years Ago

I am getting so sick of all of these momorn bashers posting their filth all over this site. You ignorant morons have no idea about what we believe or stand for. Cease your lies or face the judgements that await you. God and Christ never condoned persecuting others for their religious beliefs and if you call yourself a Christian while doing so are a fool, You do not even know who Christ is and obviously have NOT been saved. You most likely owe a Mormon veteran for saving one of your ancestors lives in any of the wars this country has ever fought. We have been one of the most patriotic and liberty loving faiths even though we are one of the most persecuted. We still love this land even though there are still many tyrants who would see us exterminated just as governor Boggs of Missouri did so long ago. I am LDS, I do NOT support Mitt Flop Romney however am sick of other supposed supporters of liberty bashing my religion and trying to take away my rights to life and liberty.


Awe ...Adorable!!

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By Anonymous

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