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Discussion (5 comments)

By Anonymous 7 Years Ago

ESSENCE OF A WOMAN Breathe in as you pass her Her fragrance will linger on The thoughts in your mind Will go way beyond The glance that you gave As your eyes met She is a woman Not easy to forget You turned and watched As she slowly walked away And thought about her curves All of the day Although she didnít speak You know her voice is low She was just perfect From head to toe Her lips were bright red Just slightly pursed And if you spoke to her You imagined she was well-versed Dressed in a suit With high spiked heels There was something so sensual That you could feel You would love to have her close Have her in your bed You canít get the thoughts of her Out of your head ESSENCE OF A WOMAN

By Anonymous 11 Years Ago

Naked hugs are better.

By Anonymous 12 Years Ago


By Anonymous 12 Years Ago


By Anonymous 13 Years Ago

Hey man whats up

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