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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Greetlet?

A Greetlet is a free Internet greeting card you create with your web browser. Create innovative designs from our library of over 100,000 images, or send Greetlets that community members have created.


How do I create a Greetlet?

Click the Create a New Greetlet link to start creating a Greetlet in our "Greetlet Factory". You choose a background for your canvas from our extensive library, and then drag and drop artwork from our library of over 100,000 images onto your canvas. Flip, resize, and re-arrange your images to form the perfect Greetlet. Once you are finished you can send your Greetlet to friends and family and share your creation with the world.


How does someone receive a Greetlet?

You can send any Greetlet as an e-card. The recipient receives an email with a link to your Greetlet and any personal message you've included. If you receive a Greetlet e-card you can respond with that same Greetlet or create a new one to send back to your friend!


Can I create and share a Greetlet without sending it to someone?

Yes. You can create and share your artwork with the world without sending it to anyone in particular. Feeling creative? Give it a try now!.


Can I modify an existing Greetlet?

Once a Greetlet is shared with the community is created, it cannot be changed or deleted, but you can create new Greetlets based on an existing design by clicking the "Edit" button when viewing any Greetlet.


Is my message shared?

No. If you send a Greetlet e-card your message is only sent to the recipient(s) you specify. If you share your Greetlet only the art/image portion is shared with the community.


Why do I have to register?

You may browse the site and view any Greetlets without registration, but to create or send a Greetlet, or to vote and comment, you will need to register. By verifying your email address, our registration helps ensure that our site is not used to send spam.


How can I get my Greetlet on the front page?

One you share a Greetlet it is featured on the Newest Greetlets page, and may also be found by searching, browsing categories or viewing any of the Community pages. As community members vote on which cards they like. Once a Greetlet has enough votes it is promoted to the Greetlets home page. Vote on Greetlets you like, including your own! Telling your friends about Greetlets and have them vote too! Add an icon to your homepage to tell them about it. We provide a page filled with free Greetlets icons here.


What if someone posts a comment that I don't like about my Greetlet?

Feel free to post a rebuttal. If you feel any comments are offensive, please let us know by contacting us.


Can I change my vote on a particular Greetlet?

No. Once you vote it cannot be changed. Vote wisely.


Is my account really free?

Greetlets accounts are all free. No time limits, no credit card verification. Absolutely Free!. You may send, create, and share as many greetlets as you'd like.


I still have a question, who can I contact?

Please see our Contact Page


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