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About Greetlets

Greetlets is the world's first 100% user-created electronic greeting card community. No canned, generic cards here. YOU choose the designs. YOU create cards. YOU be the judge. Dream it, create it, send it, share it! Your imagination is the limit. was created by folks who grew tired of traditional e-card sites which forced you to send one of their boring creations from a hard-to-use and ugly site. We're also firm believers in keeping the web free. Why pay to send someone else's card when you can create your own Greetlet for free?

Tell your friends and spread the word about Greetlets. See our icons page for free graphics you can add to your homepage. If you enjoy Greetlets, spreading the word is the best way to help the community grow. We have a creative team of over 6 billion people worldwide and growing. You!

Contacting Us

We hope you're enjoying your visit to the Greetlets community, and we always love to hear from our users. Have a question, comment, suggestion, or just want to say "Hi!", send us an email at one of the following addresses, or better yet - send us a Greetlet!

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